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Table 6 Anticancer activity of selected newly synthesized derivatives

From: Synthesis of thiophene derivatives and their anti-microbial, antioxidant, anticorrosion and anticancer activity

A-549 Molar drug concentrations calculated from graph
LC50 TGI GI50*
S6 NE NE 0.048
S7 NE NE 0.359
S 8 19.5 0.126 8E−04
S9 NE 36.2 0.014
S10 40.84 0.222 0.001
ADR 0.199 2E−05 2E−09
  1. Obs. the minimum drug concentration which causes 50% inhibition of cell growth (GI50) in last column is showed in italics
  2. Where GI50 value of ≤ 10−6 molar (i.e. 1 µmolar) or ≤ 10 µg/ml is considered to demonstrate activity in case of pure compounds. For extracts, GI50 value ≤ 20 µg/ml is found to demonstrate activity
  3. LC50: drug concentration which cause 50% cell kill; GI50: drug concentration which cause 50% inhibition of cell growth; TGI: drug concentration which cause total inhibition of cell growth; ADR: adriamycin, positive control compound