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Table 2 Target fishing results of the new compounds (1–3) isolated from Tirpitzia sinensis

From: Three new compounds with nitric oxide inhibitory activity from Tirpitzia sinensis, an ethnomedicinal plant from Southwest China

Compound Pharma-ID Fit value Gene-name Uniprot-AC KEGG-identify Target-class Target-class A
1 3pp0 0.506772 ERBB2_HUMAN P04626 K05083 Receptor tyr kinase ERBB2
2 2nry 0.858086 IRAK4_HUMAN Q9NWZ3 K04733 Interleukin-1 receptors IRAK4
  3ac3 0.798580 LCK_HUMAN P06239 K05856 Tyr protein kinases LCK
  3io7 0.769459 JAK2_HUMAN O60674 K04447 Tyr protein kinases JAK2
3 3zya 0.916562 MK14_HUMAN Q16539 K04441 Ser/Thr protein kinases MAPK14
  3ehx 0.816364 MMP12_HUMAN P39900 K01413 Zinc-dependent endopeptidases MMP-12
  1. ERBB2 means receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2; IRAK4 means interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4; LCK means lymphocyte specific kinase; JAK2 means Janus kinase 2; MAPK14 means mitogen-activated protein kinase 14; MMP-12 means matrix metalloproteinase 12