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Fig. 2

From: Synthesis, biological activity and molecular docking of new tricyclic series as α-glucosidase inhibitors

Fig. 2

Synthetic routes towards pyrimidine derivatives (16). i: Et3N, EtOH, overnight stirring; ii: conc. HCl, 80 °C; iii: DMF, K2CO3, alkyl or heteroalkyl halides; iv: P2S5, pyridine; v: DMF, K2CO3, 3-methoxybenzylbromide 90 °C; vi: POCl3, benzene; vii: pyridine, aromatic amines; pyridine, hydroxylamine HCl; toluene, isoniazid; EtOH, hydrazine hydrate; EtOH, glacial acetic acid, aldehydes

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