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Table 1 Structure of various naphthol diazenyl based Schiff bases

From: Synthesis and evaluation of novel naphthol diazenyl scaffold based Schiff bases as potential antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents against human colorectal carcinoma cell line (HT-29)

S. No Compound R1 R2 Y
1 NS-1 4-COOH H
2 NS-2 4-COOH H
3 NS-4 4-COOH H
4 NS-5 2-Cl 5-Cl
5 NS-6 2-Cl 5-Cl
6 NS-7 2-CH3 4-CH3
7 NS-8 2-Cl 5-Cl
8 NS-9 2-Cl 5-Cl
9 NS-10 2-Cl 5-Cl
10 NS-11 2-Cl 5-Cl
11 NS-12 2-Cl 5-Cl
12 NS-13 4-COOH H
13 NS-14 2-NO2 4-Cl
14 NS-15 2-NO2 4-Cl
15 NS-16 2-Cl 4-NO2
16 NS-21 2-NO2 4-Cl
17 NS-22 2-Cl 5-Cl
18 NS-23 4-COOH H