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Fig. 4

From: Synthesis and evaluation of novel naphthol diazenyl scaffold based Schiff bases as potential antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents against human colorectal carcinoma cell line (HT-29)

Fig. 4

Morphological characterization of HT-29 cell after treatment with control, standard and different naphthol diazenyl scaffold Schiff bases recorded with the inverted phase microscope (Biolink) after 24 h of the treatment. a Untreated cells; b HT-29 cells treated with the standard at 5 µg/ml; c NS-2 treated cells at 25 µg/ml; d NS-4 treated cells at 50 µg/ml d NS-6 treated cells at 25 µg/ml; e NS-8 treated cells at 25 µg/ml; f NS-12 treated cells at 50 µg/ml; g NS-13 treated cells at 50 µg/ml; h NS-14 treated cells at 50 µg/ml; i NS-21 treated cells at 5 µg/ml; j NS-23 treated cells at 10 µg/ml

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