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Table 6 Statistical parameters of developed CoMSIA model for glucose uptakeactivity

From: Novel glitazones as PPARγ agonists: molecular design, synthesis, glucose uptake activity and 3D QSAR studies

Statistics Glucose uptake activity
Grid spacing (Å) 2.0
q2 (LOO) 0.712
r2 0.889
S 0.211
F 121
No. of components 6
Contribution of-  
Steric 0.080
Electrostatic 0.062
Hydrophobic 0.322
Hydrogen bond donor 0.234
Hydrogen bond acceptor 0.302
  1. q2: cross-validated correlation coefficient
  2. r2: non-cross-validated correlation coefficient
  3. S: standard error of estimation; F: Fischer’s covariance ratio