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Fig. 6

From: Novel glitazones as PPARγ agonists: molecular design, synthesis, glucose uptake activity and 3D QSAR studies

Fig. 6

Analysis of RMSD, Rg, hydrogen bond, SASA and RMSF of PPARγ with reference ligand, CPD 07 and CPD 21 complexes at 5000 ps. a Time evolution of backbone RMSD of the PPARγ protein alone and with reference ligand, CPD 07 and CPD 21 complex structures. b Radius of gyration (Rg) of the protein backbone in its free and complex form over the entire simulation time. The ordinate is Rg (nm) and abscissa is time (ps) interval. c Hydrogen bonds occurring over the time of simulation between protein and different ligands. d SASA is indicated, where ordinate is SASA (nm) and abscissa is time (ps). e. I and II Residue wise average RMSF plot of protein and different ligands

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