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Fig. 6

From: Fabrication of 6-gingerol, doxorubicin and alginate hydroxyapatite into a bio-compatible formulation: enhanced anti-proliferative effect on breast and liver cancer cells

Fig. 6

Flow cytometric analysis of apoptotic induction of MCF-7 and HEpG2 cells by 6-gingerol, doxorubicin and 6-Gin + Dox-m-HAP after staining with Annexin V (ANX) and Zombie green (ZGR) dyes. ANX/ZGR+: necrotic or debris cells; ANX+/ZGR+: late apoptotic cells; ANX/ZGR low: viable; ANX+/ZGR dim: apoptotic cells. Numbers in each quadrant represent the percentage of cells (data are given as mean ± SD of triplicate experiments)

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