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Table 1 Consolidants and biocides tested on wall painting mock-ups

From: Aesthetic compatibility assessment of consolidants for wall paintings by means of multivariate analysis of colorimetric data

Name (acronym used in the present paper) Chemical composition/manufacturer
Innovative products
 Ca(OTHF)2 (H) Consolidant: hite solid, dissolved in 1:1 ethanol:ligroin at 20 g/L of Ca (ABCR, Spain)
 Ca(OEt)2 (E) Consolidant: nanosuspension in THF/EtOH, diluted with ethanol at 20 g/L of Ca (ABCR, Spain)
Commercial products
 Primal™ E 330 S (P) Consolidant: acrylic emulsion in water applied pure as recommended by the manufacturer (CTS Srl, Paris, France)
 CaLoSiL® E50 (C) Consolidant: nanodispersion of Ca(OH)2 in ethanol (IBZ-Salzchemie, Freiberg, Germany), with aninitial Ca concentration of 27.05 g/L, was diluted with ethanol until a Ca concentration of 20 g/L—the same chosen for alkoxides
 Biotin T (B) Biocide: contains didecyldimethylammonium chloride (large spectrum. Efficient against all types of micro-organisms) and 2-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, a fungicide. Used diluted in distilled water at 3% v/v as recommended the distributor (CTS Srl, Paris, France)
 Proxymousse (Py) Biocide: contains benzododecinium chloride (2.5% w/w) (large spectrum biocide). Applied pure as recommended by the manufacturer (Peintures et chimie, Caudry, France)