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Table 3 Characteristics of different types of STP

From: Ethyl carbamate in Swedish and American smokeless tobacco products and some factors affecting its concentration

  Primary tobacco types used Fermented Pasteurised Sodium chloride* Sodium or potassium carbonate (%) Pack water* (%) Humectant* Sugar* pH*
MS Dark fire-cured and air cured burley Yes No Yes < 1% ca 50 0–4.36% No 6.4–8.4
DS Dark fire cured and air cured burley Yes No Small amount ca 2% < 10 0–0.24% No 8.1–9.5
Swedish snus Air-cured burley and sun-cured Oriental No Yes Yes ca 2% ca 50 PG (L and P: 2–3.5%), glycerol (L only: 1–3%) No 7.5–9.4
CT Air cured cigar tobacco, burley and/or dark fire cured No No Small amount No ca 20 Glycerol (ca 3%) 23–40% 5.6–6.5
Plug Air-cured burley and/or dark fire cured No No N/D No 18 Glycerol (1.7%) 15% 5.3
HP N/D No No No N/D 2 No 5% 8
SP N/D No No No N/D 13 No 5% 5.3
  1. Levels are reported on a wet weight basis
  2. N/D not determined or unknown, MS moist snuff, DS dry snuff, CT chewing tobacco, HP hard pellet, SP soft pellet, L snus loose snus, P snus portion snus, PG propylene glycol
  3. * Data are from this study. If not maked information taken from Klus et al. [49] and Wahlberg and Ringberger [50].