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Table 2 Adjusted parameters of the supposed LC–MS/MS methodology

From: Characterization of in vivo metabolites in rat urine following an oral dose of masitinib by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

Parameters of LC Parameters of MS/MS
HPLC Agilent 1200 Mass spectrometer Agilent 6410 QQQ
Gradient mobile phase A: H2O (10 mM Ammonium formate,
Ionization source Positive ESI
B: ACN Drying gas: N2 gas
Flow rate (12 L/min)
Pressure (55 psi)
Flow rate: 0.2 mL/min
Run time: 45 min
Injection volume: 20 µL
Agilent eclipse plus C18 column Length 50 mm ESI temperature: 350 °C
Internal diameter 2.1 mm Capillary voltage: 4000 V
Particle size 1.8 μm Collision gas High purity N2
Temperature: 24 °C Modes Mass scan and product ion (PI)
Gradient system Time %B Analyte MST and its related in vivo phase I and phase II metabolites
0 5
40 40 Mass parameters Fragmentor voltage: 130 V
43 40
45 5
Post time (15 min) 5 Collision energy of 20 eV