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Table 1 Comparison of effect of nature and composition of solvent on morphology and size of Fe3O4 particles and their catalytic properties

From: Morphologically controlled synthesis of ferric oxide nano/micro particles and their catalytic application in dry and wet media: a new approach

Product Solvent (s) Nano/micro structure (s) Catalytic thermal decomposition of AP kapp of catalytic reduction of 4-NP
Composition Ratio Morphology Size Final decomposition temperature (°C) Temperature of maximum loss in mass percentage (°C) Decrease in final decomposition temperature (°C)
A Ethylene glycol 100% Porous hollow sphere 140 nm 310 285 140 0.4206/min
B Deionised water: ethylene glycol 1:1 Microsphere 415 nm 345 329 105 0.3073/min
C Poly ethylene glycol 100% Micro rectangular platelet ~12 µm 390 373 60 0.3054/min
D n-Hexane 100% Octahedron ~4.3 µm 420 387 30 0.2834/min
E n-Hexane: ethylene glycol 1:1 Irregular ~4 µm 400 360 50 0.2837/min