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Table 3 Gadolinium based nanocomposites for simultaneous delivery of drug and contrast agents

From: Gadolinium-based layered double hydroxide and graphene oxide nano-carriers for magnetic resonance imaging and drug delivery

Carrier Contrast agent Active agent Cell type Remark Ref Year
Mg–Al-LDH Gd/Au DOX Cervical cell (Hela) Low cytotoxicity in vitro and good CT and T1-weighted MR imaging capabilities [43] 2013
GO-PEG Gd DOX Human liver cell (HepG2) Shows greater tumor targeting imaging efficiency [70] 2012
NGO-PAMAM Gd EPI Glioblastoma (U87) Inhibit cancer cells growth and good MRI contrast for tumor identification [56] 2014
GO-DTPA Gd DOX Human liver cell (HepG2) Improved MRI T1 relaxivity with better cellular MRI contrast and with a substantial cytotoxicity against cancer cells [55] 2013
Gd(OH)3:Mn Gd DOX Breast cancer cell (MDA-MB-231) High cytotoxicity towards the cancer cells as well promising paramagnetic activity and radiation treatment for cancer [59] 2016
Fibre Gd DTPA Indomethacin Potential theranostic agents [58] 2016