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Table 2 Previous works on gadolinium-based nanoparticles/nanocomposites contrast agents

From: Gadolinium-based layered double hydroxide and graphene oxide nano-carriers for magnetic resonance imaging and drug delivery

Carrier Contrast agent Remark Ref Year
GO Gd Improved T1-weighted MRI contrast property [17] 2015
Si–Ti NPs Gd Improved T1-weighted MRI contrast property [42] 2015
PEG-Gd2O3 Gd Gd2O3 treatment with PEG-silane showed enhanced R1 relaxivity [63] 2007
Gadonanotubes Gd Nanotubes showed a R1/pH responsive MRI contrast properties [64] 2008
Protein-DTPA Gd Gd Enhanced T1 particle relaxivities [65] 2009
Gd-NPs Gd Superior contrast properties to commercial contrast agents [60] 2014
Gd2O3AuNPs Gd/Au Nanoamplifiers showed enhanced contrast [66] 2013
Gd2O3NPs Gd Intracellular MRI contrast agent [67] 2011
Gd–Au NCs Gd/Au Potential bimodal contrast agent [68] 2016
Gd–CS DTPA Gd In vivo and in vitro results showed enhancement in intensity of MRI signals [69] 2015