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Table 1 Comparison of solvent extraction (SE) and aqueous assisted enzymatic (AAE) methods

From: Green solvents and technologies for oil extraction from oilseeds

Parameter Solvent extraction Aqueous assisted enzymatic
Nature of the process Non-environment friendly Environment friendly
  Toxic Non-toxic
Solvents used n-Hexane Green solvents
Energy efficiency Energy demanding process due to consumption of oil Less energy demand process
Co-product quality Poor quality due to operational conditions at higher temperature and pressure Food quality grade due to mild operational conditions
Degumming It is essential because of phospholipids Not required
Aqueous medium dissolves the phospholipids
Others Ineffective process in removal of toxins and anti-nutritional factors Highly efficient in removal of toxins and anti-nutritional factors
Limitations Limitations are cited above An additional de-emulsification step is required. High cost for enzyme production