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Table 1 Phytochemical screening of the aqueous extract of G. zeylanica

From: Enhanced antibacterial activity of TiO2 nanoparticle surface modified with Garcinia zeylanica extract

Phytoconstituents Test/reagents Observation
Alkaloids Mayer’s test Negative
Tannins Braymer’s test Positive
Saponins Foam test Positive
Anthraquinones Benzene, 10% NH3 Negative
Flavanoids 1% aluminium solution Negative
Carbohydrates Molisch’s test Positive
Amino acids Ninhydrin test Negative
Steroids Salkowski test Negative
Terpenoids Salkowski test Negative
Cardiac glycosides FeCl3, conc. H2SO4 Positive
Coumarin Alcoholic NaOH Positive