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Table 1 Fitted values of the parameters of the molar conductivity dependency with concentration equation of Casiopeína III-ia in different aqueous media

From: Investigation on the self-association of an inorganic coordination compound with biological activity (Casiopeína III-ia) in aqueous solution

Parameter Aqueous media
Pure water Phosphate 0.1 M, KNO3 0.1 M and pH 7.4
n 2 2
K D 5.93 × 10−4 M 1.57 × 10−3 M
a 102.6 1020
b 38.6 14,961
a′ 0.0017 0.069
b′ 0.109 0.870
χ 2 0.0016 0.0481
  1. n aggregate number; K D dissociation constant; a limiting molar conductivity of monomer; b constant for monomer; a′ limiting molar conductivity of aggregate; b′ constant for the aggregate; χ 2 is the value of the minimization function (Chi squared test) employed to find the best parameter set which describes the experimental data