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Table 1 Solvent combinations used in the extraction of antioxidant compounds

From: Evaluation of solvent effect on the extraction of phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacities from the berries: application of principal component analysis

Solvent combination Abbreviation
Water W
Methanol M1
Methanol/water (70/30, v/v) M2
Methanol/water (50/50, v/v) M3
Methanol/acetic acid (99.5/0.5, v/v) M4
Methanol/water/acetic acid (70/29.5/0.5, v/v/v) M5
Methanol/water/acetic acid (50/49.5/0.5, v/v/v) M6
Ethanol E1
Ethanol/water (70/30, v/v) E2
Ethanol/water (50/50, v/v) E3
Ethanol/acetic acid (99.5/0.5, v/v) E4
Ethanol/water/acetic acid (70/29.5/0.5, v/v/v) E5
Ethanol/water/acetic acid (50/49.5/0.5, v/v/v) E6
Acetone A1
Acetone/water (70/30, v/v) A2
Acetone/water (50/50, v/v) A3
Acetone/acetic acid (99.5/0.5, v/v) A4
Acetone/water/acetic acid (70/29.5/0.5, v/v/v) A5
Acetone/water/acetic acid (50/49.5/0.5, v/v/v) A6