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Table 1 Two steps of aqueous two phase partitioning of alkaline protease from farmed giant catfish viscera

From: Enhanced recovery of alkaline protease from fish viscera by phase partitioning and its application

Step Phase Total activity (U) Total protein (mg) Specific activity (U/mg) Purification (fold) Recovery (%)
Crude extracta - 2,916.67±11.00b 8.32±0.05 350.51±3.57 1.00 100
1st ATPSc Top 4,582.91±45.72 3.31±0.07 1,385.73±16.49 3.94±0.03 157.13±1.57
2nd ATPSd 10 10,965.60±10.18 2.70±0.01 4,064.79±5.99 11.60±0.02 365.53±15.11
  1. a crude enzyme extract from farmed giant catfish viscera (1:5 (w/v) of the minced viscera to 10mM Tris–HCl buffer with 10 mM CaCl2, pH 8.0).
  2. b values are given as mean ± S.D. from triplicate determinations.
  3. c 1st ATPS consists of 15% PEG2000-15%sodium citrate containing 70% (w/w) crude enzyme extract.
  4. d 2nd ATPS consists of the top phase of the second cycle ATPS, additional 10% (w/w) sodium citrate.