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Table 5 Antioxidant activity for frozen fruit by DPPH method

From: Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of Rosa canina L.biotypes from spontaneous flora of Transylvania

Sample Variety and form Antioxidant activity μM Trolox/100 g pulp
RC1 var. transitoria f. ramosissima (Bistrita-Nasaud Agiesel) 127.8 ±1.41a
RC2 var. transitoria f. montivaga (Bistrita-Nasaud, Salva) 124.01±2.40a
RC3 var. andegavensis f. transsilvanica (Salaj, Buciumi) 98.26 ±1.53bc
RC4 var. andegavensis f. vinealis (Bistrita-Nasaud, Beclean) 108.02 ±2.78b
RC5 var. assiensis (Cluj, Manastur) 63.35±0.70d
RC6 var. lutetiana f. fallens (Satu-Mare, Petea) 91.82±3.16bc
RC7 var. lutetiana f. flexibilis (Cluj, Feleac); 107.30±2.23b
RC8 var. lutetiana f. psilogyna (Arad, Galsa) 102.27±3.69 b
  1. Values are mean ±SD, n=3; in each column, mean values with different letters are significantly different at p < 0.05.
  2. Identical letters denote the lack of statistically significant differences at p<0.05.