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Table 4 Total polyphenols and flavonoids content in frozen rose hip pulp

From: Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of Rosa canina L.biotypes from spontaneous flora of Transylvania

Sample mg GAE/100 g frozen pulp mg QE/100 g frozen pulp Ratio flavonoids/ Phenolics
RC1 575.1±14.64a 110.2±3.41f 0.19
RC2 548.3±11.31a 101.3±3.33g 0.18
RC3 343.4±12.02d 126.5±4.41c 0.37
RC4 534.7±18.50a 119.6±3.58d 0.22
RC5 335.5±11.31d 163.2±5.45a 0.49
RC6 326.3±5.65d 137.2±4.83b 0.41
RC7 472.6±13.40b 114.4±3.65e 0.24
RC8 424.8±9.89c 139.7±4.40b 0.33
  1. Identical letters denote the lack of statistically significant differences at p<0.05.