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Figure 5

From: Chemo-sensors development based on low-dimensional codoped Mn2O3-ZnO nanoparticles using flat-silver electrodes

Figure 5

Detection of 4-nitrophenol using codoped Mn2O3-ZnO NPs by simple and reliable I-V methods. I-V responses of (a) AgE (without coating) and NPs/AgE (with coating); (b) NPs/AgE (without chemical) and NPs/AgE (with chemical); (c) concentration variation (1.0 nM to 1.0 M) of 4-nitrophenol; and (d) calibration plot of NPs/AgE. Potential range: 0 to +1.5 V; Signal-to-Noise Ratio (3N/S) of 3.

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