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Figure 4

From: Transformation of PVP coated silver nanoparticles in a simulated wastewater treatment process and the effect on microbial communities

Figure 4

Silver XANES K-Edge spectra of sludges and the 6 Ag references used for the PCA. Where ANP = aerobic sludge from the AgNP dosed SBR; NNP = anaerobic sludge from the AgNP treatment; NI = anaerobic sludge dosed with Ag+; AI = aerobic sludge from the SBR dosed with Ag+; Ag-thio = Ag thiosulfate complex; and, Ag-GSH = Ag glutathione complex. For spectra of the control sludge (collected from the SBR that was not spiked with Ag) see Figure SI.4.

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