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Table 2 Comparison of studies on sucralose detection in sewage effluents and wastewaters

From: Online solid phase extraction liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (SPE-LC-MS/MS) method for the determination of sucralose in reclaimed and drinking waters and its photo degradation in natural waters from South Florida

References Average concentration detected (ng/L) Country
Bronstrom-Lunden et al. 2008 3500 Sweden
Bronstrom-Lunden et al. 2008 4900 Sweden
Neset et al. 2010 2400 Sweden
Buerge et al. 2009 4470 Switzerland
Scheurer et al. 2009 800 Germany
Torres et al. 2011 2800 USA
Ordonez et al. 2012 49600 Spain
Oppenheimer et al. 2011 27000 USA
Scheurer et al. 2011 18000 Germany
Morlock et al. 2011 6449 Germany
Minten et al. 2010 11000 Sweden
Berset and Ochsenbein 2012 3641 Switzerland
Gan et al. 2013 1850 China
Current study 9100 USA
Average of all studies 10394