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Table 4 The PDSC data of the samples showing the onset of oxidation and the signal maximum temperatures

From: Biolubricant basestocks from chemically modified plant oils: ricinoleic acid based-tetraesters

Samples Onset temperature (OT)/ °C Signal maximum temperature (SMT)/ °C
2, ERA 60.23 228.98
3, OHSOA 190.78 189.97
4, TSOA 224.45 231.21
5, EHOTT 282.10 176.59
  1. ERA epoxidized ricinoleic acid, DHSOA 10,12-dihydroxy-9-(stearoyloxy) octadecanoic acid, TSOA 9,10,12-tris(stearoyloxy) octadecanoic acid, EHOTT 18-(4-ethylhexyloxy)-18-oxooctadecane-7,9,10-triyl tristearate.