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Table 7 Results of molecular docking experiments targeting anticancer protein uinine reductase (PDB: 3G5M) and aromatase (PDB: 3EQM)

From: Aromatase and glycosyl transferase inhibiting acridone alkaloids from fruits of Cameroonian Zanthoxylumspecies

Molecule H-bonds Bound amino acid residues Binding affinity (kcal/mol)
2 ASP-309, MET-374 -9.5
Androstenedione (control inhibitor)
02 PHE-17, THR-147 -5.8
6-methoxy-9-methyl[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-h]quinolin- 8(9 h)-one (Control inhibitor)
04 LEU-103, TYR-104, SER-107, GLY-149 -6.1
Compound 1
04 THR-148, TYR-155, SER-164 -6.7
Compound 8
06 PHE-106, THR-147, THR-148, TYR-155, SER-164 -7.3
Compound 9
03 LEU-103, PHE-106, THR-147 -7.7
Compound 10