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Table 4 Evaluation indices of PAHs for the water from Lake Taihu

From: Characteristics of petroleum contaminants and their distribution in Lake Taihu, China

Index Combustion sources Sources of oil pollution Lake water
Phe/Ant a Less than 10 Greater than 15 Greater than 15
Chr/BaA less than 1 Greater than 1 0.70-4.03
Flu/(Flu + Pyr) Greater than 0.4 Less than 0.4 0.25-0.67
IP/(IP + BghiP) Less than 0.2 Less than 0.2 -b
LMW/HMW Low High 10.57-112.84
  1. Note:
  2. a: Phe: Phenanthrene; Ant: Anthracene; Chr: Chrysene; BaA: Benz[a]anthracene; Flu: fluoranthene; Pyr: pyrene; IP: Indenoindenes; BghiP: Benzo[ghi]perylene;
  3. LMW/HMW: The ratio of 2-ring and 3-ring PAHs to 4-ring PAHs.
  4. b: Not detected.
  5. The evaluation indices of PAHs in Lake Taihu are shown in Table 4, these indices include Phe/Ant, Chr/BaA, Flu/(Flu + Pyr), IP/(IP + BghiP) and LMW/HMW, from which the sources of PAHs can be distinguished