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Table 1 Operating conditions for Plasma & ICP-MS

From: Quantitative analysis of some important metals and metalloids in tobacco products by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Instrument X7-Series ICP-MS System, Thermo Elemental Software, Version 131072
Power 1403.92 W
Cool gas flow rate 13 L/min
Nebuilizer gas pressure 0.84 bar
Nebuilizer gas flow rate 0.82 L/min
Auxiliary gas flow rate 0.7 L/min
Condenser temperature 15 °C
Extract lens 1 voltage 3.8 V
Extract lens 2 voltage −105.1 V
Extract lens 3 voltage −195.29 V
Pole bias 1.53 V
Hexapole bias 6.47 V
Data acquisition Using peri pump at 31 rpm
Main run setup Peak jumping, Sweeps 100, Dwell time 10 (ms), Channels per mass 1, Channel spacing 0.02 AMU
No. of replicates 3
Sampler cone i.d. 1.1 mm
Skimmer cone i.d. 0.75 mm
External drift correction Yes