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Table 3 Summary of the generated pharmacophores of the Antiproliferative activities of the synthesized Schiff bases against MCF-12A cell line

From: Schiff bases of indoline-2,3-dione (isatin) with potential antiproliferative activity

Hypothesis Features* Rank score
Hypo1 HHAAADD 0.8665
Hypo2 HHAAADD 0.8657
Hypo3 HHAAADD 0.8656
Hypo4 HHAAADD 0.8652
Hypo5 HHAAADD 0.8651
Hypo6 HHAAADD 0.8624
Hypo7 HHAAADD 0.8622
Hypo8 HHRAAADD 0.8578
Hypo9 HHRAAADD 0.8550
Hypo10 HHRAAADD 0.8483
  1. *H hydrophobic, R aromatic ring, A hydrogen bond acceptor, D hydrogen bond donor.