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Table 6 MDDR classes that contain higher percentage (≥3%) of SVM virtual-hits and the percentage values

From: Development and experimental test of support vector machines virtual screening method for searching Src inhibitors from large compound libraries

MDDR Classes that contain higher percentage (≥3%) of virtual hits No of virtual hits in class Percentage of class members selected as virtual hits
Antineoplastic 623 2.9%
Tyrosine-Specific Protein Kinase Inhibitor 231 19.6%
Signal Transduction Inhibitor 194 9.5%
Antiarthritic 176 1.5%
Antiallergic/Antiasthmatic 83 0.8%
Antihypertensive 76 0.7%
Antiangiogenic 75 4.6%
Treatment for Osteoporosis 55 2.2%
Antidepressant 49 0.8%
  1. Virtual-hits are identified by SVMs in screening 168K MDDR compounds for Src inhibitors. The total number of SVM identified virtual hits is 1,496.