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Table 3 Correlations between the IC50 values of antioxidant activities, phenolics and flavonoids content of S.asper

From: Evaluation of phenolic contents and antioxidant activity of various solvent extracts of Sonchus asper (L.) Hill

Assays (IC50 μg/ml) Correlations R2
  Phenolics Flavonoids
DPPH 0.9762b 0.8843b
Iron chelating assay 0.8101b 0.7657a
Super oxide radical scavenging 0.6987a 0.6765b
Hydrogen peroxide scavenging assay 0.1223 0.1056
Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity 0.2003 0.2060
ABTS+ radical scavenging assay 0.8821b 0.7797a
  1. S.asper methanolic extract and its soluble fractions were used in the correlation. a, b indicate significance at P < 0.05 and P < 0.01 respectively