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Table 1 Optimization of variables affecting the reaction of LND with FLC

From: A highly sensitive fluorimetric method for determination of lenalidomide in its bulk form and capsules via derivatization with fluorescamine

Variable Studied range Optimum condition
FLC conc. (%, w/v) 0.00025 – 0.0045 0.0025
pH 6.5–9.5 7 ± 0.2
Reaction time (min) 2–30 10
Solvent Different a Water
Stability of LND-FLC (min) 10–60 10–60
Excitation wavelength, λex (nm) 220–460 381
Emission wavelength, λem (nm) 420–620 494
  1. a Solvents tested: Water, methanol, ethanol, and acetonitrile.
  2. b The stability of the LND-FLC was studied after dilution of the reaction solution.