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Figure 5

From: Synthesis and properties of acetamidinium salts

Figure 5

ORTEP view of compound 7 showing the thermal ellipsoids at 50% probability (arbitrary spheres for H atoms, methyl H atoms are omitted for clarity); selected bond lengths (Å) and angles (°):O1 C5 1.257(4), O2 C6 1.248(4), C6 C5 1.551(3), C2 C1 1.465(8), C1 N1b 1.339(5), C3 N3 1.280(5), C3 N3c 1.280(5), C3 C4 1.518(8), N1 C1 N1b 117.7(5), N1 C1 C2 121.1(3), N3 C3 N3c 124.2(5), N3 C3 C4 117.9(3).

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