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Table 1 Summary of the tolerances for indication of alcoholic strength by volume in the labelling of alcoholic beverages allowed by European Union Laws

From: Rapid and mobile determination of alcoholic strength in wine, beer and spirits using a flow-through infrared sensor

Beverage Group Tolerance allowed in the indication of the alcoholic strength (± % vol) Legal Basis
Beers (not exceeding 5.5% vol) 0.5 Commission directive 87/250/EC
Beers (exceeding 5.5% vol), ciders, perries, fruit wines and similar beverages 1.0 Commission directive 87/250/EC
Wine 0.5 Commission directive
Wine stored in bottles for more than three years, sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine 0.8 Commission directive
Beverages containing macerated fruit or parts of plants 1.5 Commission directive 87/250/EC
Spirits, beverages not specified otherwise (e.g., alcopops) 0.3 Commission directive 87/250/EC