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Table 1 Comparison of existing machine vision system for chemical structure recognition. O and X denotes the availability of key features listed in the first column: O = Positive and X = Negative.

From: Automated extraction of chemical structure information from digital raster images

  Kekule IBM OROCS CLiDE OSRA chemOCR ChemReader
Written language C++ C C++ C++ Java C++
Running Platform MS windows IBM OS/2 MS windows Linux/MS Windows/OS X Independent MS Windows
Batch mode X X O O O O
Bond streo O X O O O O
Abbreviation Interpretation O X O O (limited)1 O O
Chemical Knowledge O X X X O O
Document analysis O X O X X Under development
Automatic Extraction2 X O O X X Under development
Open source X X X O X X
Customizable extensibility X X X O O O
  1. 1 OSRA has a hardcoded matching table to interpret only a few chemical abbreviations.
  2. 2 A functionality for extracting digitized images of chemical structure diagrams from scanned pages